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Comprehensive Estate Planning Legal Services in Boulder

At Heritage Law Solutions, we take pride in the quality of the estate planning legal services in Boulder that we offer to all our clients. It is our goal to provide effective and courteous assistance delivered in a prompt and respectful manner.


As family trust attorneys, we tailor our legal services to meet your needs. That is our goal every day, and we believe that we meet it without fail. We feel our clients agree, as you can see from these testimonials.

We encourage our clients to leave testimonials on our Google Business Page


Jody Brammer-Hoelter assisted with our estate plan. She listened carefully, interpreted our needs into appropriate language, explained all issues clearly, and provided us with a very comprehensive end product that included more than we expected in a user-friendly package. All at an extremely reasonable fee. We highly recommend Jody Brammer-Hoelter!


We had a very good experience recently using Jody for a number of documents. She had her staff prepare the documents in advance, which did require them contacting us for some information. When we arrived for our appointment, the documents were all in order, which made the signing process easy. Jody did a good job of explaining each document to our son, who is just 18 and not familiar with legal terminology. We would recommend her and her practice to anyone looking for a lawyer.


We used Jody for our estate planning. She had us fill out a very well-designed and complete emailed form in preparation for our first visit and had a first draft ready. It covered some issues that we would never have thought of. We had some unusual and somewhat complex requests for inclusion in our plan, and Jody was very helpful in effectively and efficiently including them. Highly recommend.

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