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You've worked hard to reach your financial goals so that you can realize your dreams. Sometimes, unexpected things happen. Some are welcomed, but others are not. Unforeseen situations as well as inflation, unpredictable expenses, and taxes can chip away at the value of your assets. Our revocable living trust attorney can assure your family wealth is protected. We also offer free consultations as well as free educational seminars on estate planning and probate legal services too.


Choosing the protection that's right for your circumstances can be challenging. Let the experienced team at Heritage Law Solutions help you with that. Together, we can provide individual attention to assist you in selecting a plan that's appropriate for you.  By putting a wealth preservation plan in place, you will have a strategy to protect your assets from potential damage. You can achieve peace of mind knowing that you've made provisions to protect your family's financial future. Some of the most valuable benefits include:


Securing the Financial Future of Your Family

Financially Prepare for Illness or Long-Term Care

Alleviating the Financial Stress in the Unfortunate Event of Your Untimely Death

Full Value of Your Assets is Passed Directly to Your Heirs


Life insurance can also be an effective component of your overall wealth preservation strategy. Life insurance policies can be tailored to fit your needs and preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build. If you’re in a profession that tends to be highly exposed to liability and lawsuits, ensuring that you’re properly covered can be a prudent first line of defense.

Once you transfer assets to an irrevocable trust, that trust now becomes the asset owner, and you can no longer control how those assets are distributed. Because the trust owns the assets, creditors cannot access them to satisfy a judgment, even if you establish yourself as the beneficiary. However, assets that have been distributed from the trust to your beneficiaries will be subject to claims.


Our qualified and experienced team can assist you so that your assets are protected and directed in the manner you want them to be. Discover how we can help you today by reaching out to our professional staff today.


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We help clients ensure that their legacy – all they’ve worked for and believe in – lives on. 


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